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About Us

Welcome to 
On Time Aviation

At On Time Aviation, we take immense pride in our passion for aircraft maintenance and restoration. Our founder, Kevin Williams, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With an A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) certification earned in 1996 and an IA (Inspection Authorization) in 1999, Kevin has dedicated the majority of his career to specializing in GA (General Aviation) aircraft.

Kevin's journey began as a rookie mechanic, where he worked diligently to climb the ranks from shift lead to manager. With his exceptional skills and dedication, he eventually became the Director of Maintenance (DOM) for FBO shops and 135 operations, overseeing the management of three Citation business jets and King Air aircraft. During the early 2000s, Kevin ventured into owning and managing WMM exclusively as a restoration business. This invaluable experience further honed his abilities and nurtured his deep appreciation for breathing new life into aircraft. In addition to his hands-on work, Kevin also served as an A&P instructor, sharing his knowledge and passion with the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

Kevin's impressive career took him to the prestigious Airbus Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Mobile, where he was an original hire. He spent seven months in Hamburg, Germany, refining his expertise in aircraft manufacturing. Although he loved his job at Airbus, Kevin's heart remained rooted in the smaller, personal aircraft that captured his true passion. He firmly believes that no aircraft should sit and deteriorate when it can be restored to its former glory. 


At On Time Aviation, we live by Kevin's favorite saying: "You can have it done right, or right now. If you choose right now, find somebody else." These words reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence and the meticulous attention to detail we bring to every project. We pour our blood, sweat, and tears into each aircraft, ensuring that you receive a safe and reliable product that you can be proud of. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will not return your aircraft until we believe it is worthy of our own loved ones on board.

In addition to Kevin's expertise, our team comprises three mechanics with over 30 years of experience in commercial aviation, bringing a wealth of knowledge and precision to every task. We also have a newly minted A&P mechanic who possesses practical mechanical experience and an eagerness to learn more about aviation every day. With his dedication and potential, we have no doubt that he will achieve great things in this field.

At On Time Aviation, we strive to deliver exceptional aircraft maintenance and restoration services. We are committed to ensuring your aircraft is in prime condition, ready to take flight with confidence and reliability. Trust us with your aviation needs, and experience the unmatched dedication and expertise of our team. Contact us today to embark on a journey of excellence with On Time Aviation.

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